Friends Love Friends Who Read Their Blog :)

Finally a blog where I can brag about my amazing classmates!!  I am so excited to share with all of you the great writing and analyzing that my classmates of Media Criticism do!  I really enjoy Media criticism for many reasons, but one major reason is that I get to learn from my classmates.  At college, there are so many diverse students and I feel that hearing their opinions is what expands our horizons.

In class, we begin by learning new material, and then the class as individuals makes sense of the material from their own ideas and experiences.  We then have a class discussion where we all share our view of the material.  I love the discussion because how one classmate breaks down the material is usually very different from another.  This helps me fully understand the concepts by gaining these different outlooks.

Also, my classmates usually provide examples along with their analysis of the material, which helps me to remember the material long term.  The reason I am telling you this is because our blog is another platform where my classmates and I share our analysis of the material.  I often visit the blogs of my classmates to read their interpretations for fun and also to better my understanding of the material from their point of view.

I honestly have never had a “homework” assignment that has ever helped me to understand the class’s concepts so well.  I really commend Dr. Nichols for developing such a creative assignment that truly helps me better my understanding, not only of the material but of my classmates.  Not only do I enjoy reading my classmate’s blogs, but I love to blog myself!  In today’s age of social media, it is a skill that I now know I should develop further to benefit myself in a career in mass communications.

The first classmate that I want to introduce to you is Alexa Lazerow.  She is a great new friend of mine and her contribution to class discussions is always insightful.  I knew I wanted to use a post of hers for this assignment because of what she brings to class discussions.  I chose to read her post, Disney With A Touch of Ideological Criticism and Political Economy, because I love everything Disney!

First of all, I love Alexa’s opening paragraph.  She is very engaging with the reader and opens with a question for the reader to answer.  I feel that engaging the reader is almost more important than the actual material.  If you don’t engage your writing, then your readers will stop reading you work- and we don’t want that!  Secondly, I really enjoy how she is clear in her writing.  She cuts out the clutter and gets to the heart of what she really wants to say, which is awesome for the reader.  Her sentences are very clear and concise, and I can’t tell you how much I can’t stand run on sentences!

Also, I enjoy the overall style of Alexa’s blog.  She incorporates pictures and videos to accompany her arguments.  In addition, Alexa adds plenty of hyperlinks that lead to outside sources that help the reader to fully understand that concepts she discusses.  Finally, my only critique for Alexa would to maybe shorten her blogs just a bit.  I feel that some readers may skip over some of her great points because of the length.  Other than that, I feel Alexa’s blog is a great example of polished work!

Secondly, I chose to read Allie Wachtel’s blog.  Allie is another friend in my class and we have bonded over our love for everything Bravo!  I was scrolling through her blog and stopped when I saw FRIENDS.  Not only is FRIENDS an amazing show, but it just so happens to be my favorite show of all time.  So naturally I chose to read her post, FRIENDS: The Beginning, Middle & End to read.

As I read Allie’s blog I notice how she uses different styles in her writing.  She adds underlines and bolds text to show her reader the emphasis she feels for that certain piece of writing.  I haven’t seen to many other classmates who incorporate that into their blog like Allie does, so it is very refreshing.  Continuing reading, I like how Allie fully explains the text she is either analyzing or using as an example to back up an argument.

In this post, she is using FRIENDS to examine the different approaches to narrative analysis.  She begins my describing the characters and their overall status in the show.  She explains the relationships within the characters and the basic storyline.  This is great because she isn’t assuming that her reader is familiar with the show.  Even know the show brought in millions of viewers, she is careful to not discuss anything about the show that she hasn’t fully explained.  This is key in keeping your readers in the loop with what you are talking about.

Finally, the only advice I would give Allie is to break up some of her paragraphs.  Shorter paragraphs make the blog much easier to read and they don’t discourage readers.  Long chunks of information lead to readers shying away from your blog because they feel it is too much, or too overwhelming to read.

I decided to choose my final classmates blog to read at random.  I wanted to choose someone in my class who I am not close with, so I can learn more about them through their blog.  So at random, I went through and clicked on a classmate’s blog who I wasn’t great friends with.  Who did I click on?  Nick Keim.  I think he and I have spoken once or twice, but I am excited to learn more about him through his blog!  I chose to read his second post called, OZ: A Narrative Criticism.

As I read Nick’s blog, I see that OZ is actually one of his favorite television shows.  I had never heard of it, but I learned about it because he clearly described it in his opening paragraphs.  He explains the premise of the show and he even shares how the show got its name.  As a reader who had never heard of the show before, I feel that Nick did a great job of fully explaining the show and allowing me to understand his narrative criticism of the text.

As I read through his blog, I really admire how his images really depict exactly what he is saying in his post.  Some classmates just throw up images to make their blogs look aesthetically pleasing, but Nick’s images are true to his analysis.  He also adds captions to his pictures, which I think is essential for readers to fully grasp the importance of the image.  Over all, I really enjoyed Nicks post because I feel that I not only learned about a great television show, but I learned more about narrative analysis through reading his post!

I really enjoyed looking at my classmate’s blogs and learning more about them through their posts!  I feel that all my classmates do a great job of personalizing their blogs and expressing their opinions in their posts.  Dr. Nichols’ use of online technology makes the class current and interactive for the entire class! 


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