Royal Family, or Royal Embarrassment?

Elegant Pippa in her Maid of Honor Dress!

Oh happy day!  I think almost all of us have heard the joyful news of Prince Henry getting married to Kate Middleton.  That was all the ruckus until the honeymoon stopped short due to other members of the Middleton family.  Soon after the huge televised wedding, photos of Kate’s younger sister, Pippa, were leaked to the media.  Now, these pictures weren’t her helping animals at the pound.  No, Pippa is seen dancing with a half-naked man wearing only a white skirt and a purple bra.  Another photo was released where Pippa is in a skimpy white dress (made of toilet paper) while she is surrounded by bottles of liquor.  Of course, the photos and harsh comments are all over the web.  Websites like the Examiner and the NYDailyNews have articles about Pippa’s “racy” photographs. 

From maid of honor to wild child.

Now, of course this is causing great embarrassment to the Royal family, but it is my job to help decrease the negative publicity poor Pippa is receiving.  I am going to create a public relations campaign to help Pippa come out of this royal embarrassment.  I am going to start by talking with Pippa to create a plan of action.  I advise Pippa that a short and simple press release will do the trick.  We will establish Pippa’s credibility by stating her dedication to her education and her work ethic.  

I will focus on two major elements in the press release.  First, I am going to create a background story for each “racy” photo that is now in the publics view.  I will be truthful, yet vague in the details of the photos.  I’ll start by establishing Pippa’s credibility.  I will discuss her dedication to her education, studying english literature at the University of Edinburgh.  I will also discuss her commitment to the family business.  Pippa works on the families magazine, spending time editing the web edition of the magazine. 

Pippa is seen here in a "dress" made of toilet paper.

Next, I will include brief information about the context of the pictures in the press release.  The less the public knows about the situation, the better.  For the two photos that were released, I will say that Pippa regrets her actions and has made significant changes in her lifestyle as she moves forward.  I will also say that she is very sorry for her lack of judgment in those situations and that the public will see a different Pippa in the future. 

Once the press release is released to the public, I will continue my effort to help Pippa gain back her positive reputation.  I will try to highlight her future positive efforts, whatever they may be.  I will make the public aware of her hard work she does for her families online magazine and her continued efforts to expand her education.  I feel that my campaign for Pippa is effective because it is simple and addresses the issue.  The photos weren’t really that bad; she wasn’t caught doing drugs or anything like that.  I think that my press release and time will definitely heal this matter.  Especially now that Pippa is aware that the media and the public are watching her every move!


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I am a sophomore at Towson University. I live with 7 other roommates on campus and spend most of my time with them. I have lived near Annapolis since I was 4, I was born in Virginia. I love the Washington Redskins and football in general.
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