Is your Career Worth Sacrificing your Privacy?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, better known as Brangelina, recently won their lawsuit they filed against British tabloid, News of the World.  Pitt and Jolie are public figures that are harassed in the media daily, but it seems that the article that News of the World wrote just pushed the wrong buttons.  In the article, News of the World stated that it was actually end of Brangelina’s relationship.  They stated that the couple were dividing up their assets and developing a schedule for the children.  Apparently the article had too many details and seemed 100% convincing to the public. 

The couple felt that the tabloid had crossed the line this time.  They had their lawyer demand that the magazine apologize and retract the article.  News of the World refused to recant their statements, so the couple filed a privacy claim against the tabloid.  The couple stated that the tabloid make “false and intrusive” statements about them dividing up their millions and making arrangements to decide the custody of their children. 

Brangelina took the British tabloid to court to settle the matter.  The lawsuit was taken to London’s High Court in January of 2010.  The judge ruled in favor of the Jolie-Pitts and an undisclosed settlement was reached in the court room.  News of the World agreed to the settlement and released an offical apology to the couple.  The couple is said to have donated the settlement to their Jolie-Pitt humanitarian foundation. 

In this case, I do feel that Brangelina had the right to file a suit against News of the World.  The tabloid violated one of the four forms of invasion of privacy: false light publicity.  This entails fictionalized facts, stories or events that leads to a person being portrayed in a false light to the public.  News of the World did just that when they completely fabricated an entire story about the couple.  They made the story seem so real by adding how much money there was to de divided and matters involving the custody of their six children. 

I feel that the judge made the right decision in ordering the tabloid to apologize and pay the couple damages.  I  think that it is very amicable that the couple donated their settlement to their charity.  It shows that they were more concerned with the facts than trying to get money out of the tabloid.  I feel that the couple winning this case shows other celebrities that you can successfully sue when the tabloids go too far.  I think that many celebrities think that they can’t do anything about the grueling press, but when other celebrities step up and try, they serve as the example. 

Many websites, like ABCNews and  BBC News  have posted information about the victory in the courtroom!


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One Response to Is your Career Worth Sacrificing your Privacy?

  1. Hanna says:

    When I read the title I wasn’t expecting anything like what you posted… Ah, I have to ‘sue’ you for this ;).

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