I’m tired of Product Placement. I’m not going to Just Go With It anymore!

As an avid Jennifer Aniston fan, there was no doubt that I was going to miss her lasted flick with Adam Sandler.  This romantic comedy was titled Just Go With It and I was hoping it wouldn’t be a flop.  Before I begin my rant on the outrageous amount of product placement, you should know one thing first.  I have a high attention to detail, its pretty ridiculous.  For example, when I come back from class and I can tell you exactly what my teacher was wearing better than I can tell you what the lesson was on.  I think it’s a gift while my mother thinks it’s a curse. 

Anyways, Just Go with It is about Danny (Adam Sandler) who is a plastic surgeon.  He falls in love with Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) who is a school teacher.  Danny isn’t married but he wears a fake wedding ring to get girls.  He does this by telling a sob story about how is wife beats him, or cheats on him, etc.  He falls for Palmer but she finds his wedding ring and assumes he is married.  Danny then tells her he is getting a divorce and Palmer says she wants to meet his soon to be ex.  So, Danny enlists the help of Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) who happens to be his assistant.  A crazy love triangle ensues when they all vacation together and the truth comes out.  In the end, Danny falls for Katherine and Palmer continues to look for love.

So now that we’ve got that established, let me lay out the obscene amount of product placement that observed in this film.  The product placement was most noticeable in the different major shifts in the film.  As the film starts, we see Danny and Katherine helping patients in their office.  So obviously we have to get a view of the Botox label and Jan Marini facial cream.  Then we get a shot of their waiting area which has the Los Angles magazine displayed, along with Seventeen.

Then the film moves to Katherine’s make-over phase.  Here we see her get to play dress up in Barneys with tons of high fashions brands displayed.  First she tries on a pair of Jimmy Choos, then Louis Vuitton.  Next is the clothes!  She tries on Channel, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and more.  Then the film shifts to their trip to Hawaii.  Here, the Hilton hotel gets a great shot and so does the booz.  I’ve noticed that there is an obscene amount of beer and liquor that is used in movies as product placement.  In Just Go With it, Danny drinks his Heineken while Katherine sips her Grey Goose on the rocks. 

I think that product placement serves one major purpose to the film: MORE MONEY.  The writers and producers get more money from the brands that they place in their movie.  This is because the brand/product is getting air time that will be seen by millions of people!  The idea of product placement is great in terms of the brand owners and the movie’s producers, but for the audience it’s just down right annoying.  I don’t know how many times I’ve seen movies just zoom to a product and stay there for a couple of seconds.  This is 1. obvious and 2. annoying.  When the products are in the background they are harder to notice, so viewers don’t mind as much.  But at some point someone’s got to say enough is enough.  It’s getting to the point where a good portion of the movie is just frames of products.  I’m giving you my $10.50 to be entertained, not to be subconsciously trained to buy a certain product. 

I believe that the bigger the products initial reputation, the more likely the audience will remember the product.  For example, familiar products like Apple, Sony, Bud Light, etc. get better recognition because they already have a long, established reputation.  I feel that new products that are placed in movies are just a waste of everyone’s time because the audience doesn’t remember them once the film is over.  Some even say that Adam Sandler is the new poster child for product placement because his movies are so saturated with it!  Anyways, I hope that product placement will at least stay the same and not continue to grow in movies!

Check out BrandChannel where you can see the product placement in the latest movies!  Including Just Go With It!


About jenniferose04

I am a sophomore at Towson University. I live with 7 other roommates on campus and spend most of my time with them. I have lived near Annapolis since I was 4, I was born in Virginia. I love the Washington Redskins and football in general.
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