Teen Mom 2: Successfully Infiltrating the Web

I have watched many episodes of Teen Mon 2 on MTV, just as many of America’s youth do.  The dramatic issues and outlandish storylines always catch my eye.  I’ve begun to notice that Teen Mom 2 has a very interactive website due to the advertisements I’ve seen during the shows’ commercials.  These ads proved successful because I found myself looking at the website to see bonus material.  

Teen Mom 2’s website is full of interviews with the cast, bonus footage, information about teen pregnancy, and other related activities to explore. The website catches your eye with bright colors and a run through of the latest gossip.  The creators of this site did a great job of honing in on what the viewers of Teen Mom 2 want in a website.  I personally enjoy watching the bonus clips because they usually involve more information about the teen moms.  The site has a toolbar to the left hand side that allows viewers to select what they want to view in regard to the show.  For example, viewers can select to look at message boards, photos, cast bios, etc.  

The site serves mainly to provide entertainment to viewers that come to the site.  Many visit the site to watch full episodes they have missed, or to watch bonus footage that is advertised during commercials.  Overall, I think that the Teen Mom 2 website is successful in bringing in viewers to the site.  In turn, this allows the creators to charge more for advertisements because the site is getting more and more views.  Sometimes, MTV will post advertisements for their other shows, which gets viewers hooked on other MTV shows. Furthermore, the Teen Mom 2 website help keeps ratings up for the show because many viewers see previews for next week’s episode and make a note to watch it.  

Teen Mom 2 Cast

I also feel that the Teen Mom 2 website is an education tool to viewers.  The site provides information about teen pregnancy as well as domestic violence.  Viewers can find information about support groups and organizations on the website.  

One recommendation that I have for the site would bring in more viewers would be to add blogs from the teen moms.  I think that this would give viewers a chance to see who the teen mom’s really are.  Adding this to the website would bring in more viewers because it would be exclusive information that only the website would provide.  I also think this would be successful because the view never knows what’s 100% true due to editing.  So this would be a great way for the teen moms to give their own accounts of scenes from the show.

Overall, I think that the Teen Mom 2 website is very efficient in pulling in viewers.  It stands currently as an entertainment tool as well as an educational one as well.  The creators of the site are doing a great job pulling in new audiences and sustaining their current one.


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I am a sophomore at Towson University. I live with 7 other roommates on campus and spend most of my time with them. I have lived near Annapolis since I was 4, I was born in Virginia. I love the Washington Redskins and football in general.
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