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Task: Avoid Media at all Costs for 2 days. Results: Read and Find Out!

The idea of this task seemed easy, but executing it was a whole different story.  On the first day, I found myself beyond bored.  After I got into the groove of avoiding my usual media, I found myself cleaning.  I … Continue reading

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As Britney Spears Once Said, “Gimme More.”

Media is all around us and we couldn’t love it more.  As a young adult, I was raised with media all around me.  My family had the money to have TV and internet, so I was exposed to using media … Continue reading

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Out With the Old, in With the New.

Picture this, maneuvering throughout your day without checking your blackberry or your Facebook page. Can’t do it?  Neither can I.  I have to say that I rely more and more on my blackberry to keep me up to date on my … Continue reading

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